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(laugh) As for Valentine, I would follow my partner's plan, anyway.

I usually decide anything by myself but my girl friend may not make her honest feelings clear, right?

I want to let my kids have various experiences so that they can have more options in their lives. All the girls with whom I fell in love so far have nothing in common.

In addition...example, if I can work with the future Juniors at the age of 30 or so (laugh), I don't want to be like the one saying "In my Jr's days..." instead I want to become a senior who can understand what those younger generations feel/think. I don't know which parts of them really attract me.

" Therefore, I'm not going to do what she feels annoying....means that my girlfriend should be one who is really similar to myself (laugh).

Say..I'm depressed, I want her to just let me alone without caring about me.

Even when being together and having no talk at all, we want to stay natural, not minding it at all.

Then, if we feel our sense of values are the same while talking, we'll have a good relationship each other. (matsujun sitting next to nino is opposing to this saying "No no, you'll think about nothing except for your girlfriend! Even though we are in love, we can't be together.... I want to be a father who can see things at the same level as my kids done.

Because I don't believe love at first sight, I don't have any special feelings toward girls even if I feel they are cute.

I don't want to be necking with my girlfriend in public because our relationship will last longer if we keep some sort of distance between us, you know.

It must depend on her character, but the best way for us is being honest toward each other depending on the situations, I think.

In the future, I want to accomplish my own work, and obtain skills to judge various type of things.

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