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Further, what seems an innocent post to western eyes, can actually be rather sinister (not saying that is the case with the OP).What we have is a young migrant who says she does not feel like she "belongs" in Australia and the advice on this forum has been that you should just withdraw and stick to your own race.But if you are particularly hot for Chinese people only approach them to date or be closer with.There are so many Asians around the chances of a particularly big group having someone Asian in it is high.

I am going to be spending a lot more time and making bigger decisions with direct personal consequences with my partner rather than my friends. You are creating exaggerated outrage where there is none Boredandtired writes...Nonsense, you should be open minded and try to fit in with others regardless of race.That is entirely different to being attracted to certain features typical of an individual race. OP isn't racist but the post could have been worded better by referring to culture instead of race.Geez how did this thread go from finding a Chinese fella to one where the OP is accused of being racist, being attracted to certain features of a certain race, and causing racial division that goes against all those long and hard fought efforts of the anti-migration crowd of the 90's. My point was, your responses are an over-reaction in relation to the original post. Mandarin or Cantonese, Hakka or Teochew or Min or others? Don't use the apps because most of them are actually scammers.You are blowing it all out of proportion but are you are determined to make your points to the extend that you are now drawing conclusions about the OPs intentions bordering on off-topic issues like segregation and people not integrating into society Burwood, Campsie, Eastwood, Chatswood, Hurstville to name a few places. Most Asian men will choose to bring back someone from overseas because there is more to pick from and have better connections to the Chinese elite. If your family still has some connections in China, it is best to go this route and have someone you know more closely, e.g.

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