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This is by no means a call for women to lower their standards, but it’s simply a reminder that not every depiction of a genuinely happy Black family will look like the Huxtables.To be an older millennial—one approaching his mid-30s—is an interesting phenomenon because of how we’ve been able to see the world evolve, shift and change.After all, that’s when you may discover how much of a fighter your partner really is.The tenacity to fight back and create an economic empire in the midst of a racially biased country takes the type of courage and strength that only the most honorable of knights may possess.How can he hold onto his aspirations of being a provider for his family when racially biased hiring practices and a corrupt justice system are leaving Black men even further disadvantaged economically?All the while, Black women are making incredible strides on both a collegiate and economic level.

How can one be a provider for his partner and family when he is suddenly placed in a position where it has become difficult to even protect himself?

In the midst of the battle to improve his own life, as well as yours, he may just need a beautiful partner who can help him truly understand that although he’s up against an ancient beast, he can still come out victorious.

All the while, a woman must remember that the “key to a successful relationship is mutual benefit.” Even without financial stability or while dealing with personal hardships, it’s still very possible for a man to serve as a positive part of a woman’s life.

From a very young age, Black men are typically given a traditional set of roles they are expected to take on in a relationship.

Perhaps two of the most emphasized of these roles are the protector and the provider.

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The key thing to remember is that many times that feeling alone is taking a mental toll on the noble knight.

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