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I FOUND LOVE ( Song by Be Be & Ce Ce Winans): "When I found you / I found somebody who cares / When I found you / Found my most intimate prayer / When I found you / I found what every heart dreams of / When I found you / I found... This is this just a brief note to say Nigel and Helen who met here three years ago were married on Saturday in Cheshire. It’s a long story but it’s been amazing for us both and we are so happy and excited... He was coincidentally working in the area, and we met up the night after we first messaged one another. Despite the distance (we were over 2 hours drive...Me and Cherelle met on Christian Connection in December 2018.She’d had a bad experience on another dating site, but she hoped this new start in a more religious setting would be different. After just a few days, she got a message that intrigued her.Donald enjoyed Christian music and was passionate about his faith.We met on Christian Connection, and after some amiable conversation, decided to meet up.The first date was a little awkward, but we both expressed interest in seeing each other again. When I first saw Nicola's picture I thought "yeah right...someone has copied and pasted a pin-up from the '50s" But we met, and it really was her, looking totally gorgeous, and we had a lot in common to talk about; 7 months after meeting we got...We are now engaged and getting married in June this year.

We got engaged on Easter Sunday last year and get married in 10 weeks time.

We spoke for about two weeks before we met in person.

I knew she was the one as I spoke to God about her beforehand.

We got engaged after 5 months and have bought a house and got married in March this year. We met here in December 2018 and we just got married! He's truly born again and it was too good to be true when I met his kids and pastors in Jan and he met my family. Matt and I had our first date in March 2009, got engaged June 2009 and were married November 2009.

We were instantly smitten, had a whirlwind romance, a deep connection and very quickly fell hopelessly in love. You are probably reading this section because you are either considering to give Christian Connection a go, or need a bit of encouragement.

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We found that meeting up early on really helped us to get to know each other - nothing helps you connect like a face to face date! I wasn't sure how to reply - I was fine, happy, enjoying life and didn't feel any lack in my life. Two and a half years after the first wave on Christian Connection we made our commitment to each other in marriage.

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