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We found this high table at a discount furniture warehouse in south Oakland and loved the idea of it, but didn’t realize that finding chairs to fit it would be a bit of a pain, not to mention expensive.We’ve cobbled together a mishmash of chairs mostly from Target, and ultimately hope to try building our own at some point.Just nine months ago, photographer Allen Hemberger and his girlfriend, Sarah Wilson, moved from New Zealand to the Bay Area with only one week to find a place to live.And even though the space isn’t their dream house, they’ve managed to turn it into a home.Our New Zealand section is massive; our US section is growing steadily since we’ve moved back to the US.

Image above: This has been one of the most challenging dishes I’ve made from the cookbook; it’s called “Rhubarb, Seven Different Textures.” From left to right, we have a sphere of beet juice floating in rhubarb juice, a dried rhubarb “chip” seasoned with black pepper, gin-compressed rhubarb, a rhubarb sponge on a bay leaf garnished with grapefruit segments, rhubarb custard with lavender-poached rhubarb, oatmeal streusel topped with rhubarb sorbet and tarragon and rhubarb gelee with fennel candy and green-tea foam.

All told, it took me about 40 hours of cooking to complete this, not counting planning or shopping time.

Image above: This one features white asparagus; five cylinders of white asparagus stalk are wrapped in various “wrappers” like black trumpet mushroom leather, chorizo, herb gel and orange gel.

When I got back to New Zealand, I printed my favorite photos from our time together and laminated them to the bottom of my deck with epoxy resin; Sarah did the same with hers.

We only skated on them once after that before realizing the flex in the board would cause the resin to crack, so we decided to just hang them on our wall instead.

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We both totally loved the massive cast-iron detailing, but the cost of it plus what it would take to ship it to California was way too expensive for us.

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