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i get a lot of responses on the site so i have to be judicious with who i pick to go out with.And for the most part, the method i outlined is quite effective.My take is that the ones who are experienced users are also likely to be travel geeks who are into the site for what it is.

Lots of beta dudes will join, a lot of ugly chicks too, but sometimes one finds real gems, i.e., girls that have just moved to City X and do not know anyone and are trying to build a social circle.Hey everyone, I'm new here but I have been using the forum as a resource for hooking up abroad.I bought Roosh's Bang Poland book and -- lo and behold -- I am now in Poland. The response rate is usually pretty high and the girls are enthusiastic about meeting foreigners.If you do things properly, hooking up is relatively easy.The joke is that CS is not They do that to weed out the betas. The alpha / beta dichotomy applies also on CS: some men are good only as accommodation-providers, whereas a select few are also good for sport-fucking.

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Luckily I don't have one" - The best place to meet up is a park maybe, and then a bar later on if you're feeling her. - If you are good at switching it from "cultural exchange" framework into a sexual framework of interaction and physically escalating, go for it.

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