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Studies examining the relationship between family income and happiness show that money is only related to happiness when there really isn't enough of it and real deprivation occurs.

No relationship has been measured between money and happiness for any family living above poverty wages, suggesting that once basic needs are taken care of, further happiness cannot be bought at any price.

They’ll aim to dim your light to make their own light shine brighter.

All humans have feelings, and we tend to have many of them during social interactions.

As a result of these types of findings, researchers now consider happiness to depend less on people's actual circumstances and more on how people choose to respond to their circumstances.

Your happiness is not dependent on whether you drive the right car, live in the right neighborhood, or wear the latest clothes.

Learning to be content with what you have is the true path to happiness.

Traits of Happy People In order to learn how to be content with our own lives, we need to understand what makes some people generally happier than others.

Some people are more pessimistic by nature, prone to depression, to not think well of themselves and to find social activities to be more work than play.Can such pessimistic people become happy despite their nature? The way to cultivate greater happiness is deceptively simple. You might think that pretending to be happier couldn't possibly work, but in fact, if you give it half a chance, it can indeed help you to become a happier person.There is a very real sense in which being happy is a habit.I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Nobody wants to date a narcissist.They’re self-serving, arrogant and won’t hesitate to manipulate you to get what they want.

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