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There will most certainly be other points, which are relevant to you and your partner exclusively.

When two people move in together there will inevitably be emotional and practical baggage that has to be accounted for.

It will also allow more time for you to enjoy each other’s company.

When a marriage or ‘live in’ relationship starts to go wrong, it is often the little things that have been the cause.

Being clear about who does what around the home will mean there is no imbalance with day-to day chores.

You don’t want to find yourself locked in a constant demand for DIY improvements.

The more they try to ignore them, the more they tend to surface.

Finding yourself enjoying another relationship can help you come to terms with these feelings.

However, ‘snooping’ is definitely out of the question.Those with children will need to ensure detailed consideration is given regarding parental responsibilities.If you’ve both put money into your new home, then you should each have your name on the lease or deeds.Children on one or both sides of the relationship will need a lot of consideration.Accumulated wealth will need overt discussion, especially for older couples, and official arrangements put into place in the event of the death of either one of you.

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