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more » Elena and Gonzalo: Thank you very much for everything!

There are still many trials before us, and lots of hard work remains to be done. And though we come from different culture and environment, have different ways of thinking, our love is sure to overcome all that. more » Irina and Mark: Life is unpredictable sometimes. When I joined this site I was not sure if I could find my soul-mate on it.

Have you had trouble making a connection with someone who understands your needs?

Have you tried other general dating sites and had no luck finding someone special?

That can make your conversation uncomfortable and unnatural.

You might be worried about saying the wrong thing, or being taken the wrong way.

Stephen and Evgenia: Dear Olga and the wonderful girls from Origin Club, I would like to thank you all for the help you provided not only in enabling me to meet with Jenny and Oleg who were just stunning, but the help you provided while I was in your fantastic city. more » Natasha and Matsumoto Kiyo: As you can from our pictures, we're very happy!

We have to overcome many obstacles in the way to our happiness.

But thanks to the help of Origin Club we made it successfully. The helped us with visa necessary for my future husband to come t...

None of this is ideal if you're already facing a challenge.

All you want to do is make a connection with someone. We want to provide you with a comfortable and safe place to branch out and have fun.

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We want you to find someone who will accept, encourage and love you. Everyone deserves the chance to flourish, especially when it comes to love.

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