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After all, researchers were able to corroborate less than half of abuse memories for people who had always recalled the abuse.However, the finding is extremely disturbing, as it suggests memories of abuse recovered in therapy are less likely to have actually happened than those spontaneously recovered.Using hypnosis to recover memories is especially dangerous.You might find them, but there is no guarantee they are real-no matter how real they seem.

These misunderstandings about memory and hypnosis contributed to a particular destructive period in psychotherapy.We certainly can forget events, particularly very difficult events and things we don’t understand at the time.And I am very happy to work with individuals who have recalled previously forgotten memories. Gerarts looked at three groups of people with childhood sexual abuse memories: 1.) those who had always remembered their abuse; 2.) those who spontaneously recovered memories outside of therapy; 3.) and those who had recovered memories during therapy.In the 1980-1990’s, there was an epidemic of cases with well-meaning therapists, often through hypnosis, “recovering” memories of childhood sexual abuse that never happened.Families were ripped apart and lawsuits were filed.

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