Dating im confused

This can be an indicator that you might be a lesbian.

I’m sure if you asked other women who came out after being with men, they will say that they were never sexually satisfied with men.

However, if I pleasure someone else in my fantasies it's always women - I don't find giving oral or hand jobs to men attractive at all.

Sometimes being with another woman is the thing that helps some women come out and realize their true sexual orientation.With my 7-year boyfriend I enjoyed a good sexual relationship for about the first year, during this time I became very close friends with a gay girl, things came close to happening but nothing ever did.Then that friendship along with my sex life dwindled into practically nothing - not through lack of his trying.I’m sure there are many people who will relate to it.Before coming out as lesbian or bisexual, many women have relationships with men. It sounds like you’ve been in non-stop relationships since you were 15. It’s good that you’re on a break right now and trying to figure out who you are.

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My boyfriends have said they wouldn't be surprised if I said I was bi/gay – I’m not sure why as I’ve never spoken about my female fantasies with them.

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