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It's probably due to the fact that until about 1885 or 1900 at the latest, photography was not affordable to the masses and the processing could be complex.

Therefore, the industry was very much controlled by professional photographers and that meant that getting one's photograph taken was a formal event.

By 1871, the gelatin dry plate method made exposure times short enough that cameras could be hand held (ie, fraction of a second).

By 1878, technology shortened exposure times to a fraction of a second, about 1/25th of a second.

Of course, it's reasonable to assume that not all photographers had the most advanced equipment the moment it became available.

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Many photographs of soldiers were taken during World War I and were sent home in postcard form.

Studio photographers are sometimes stated on the mount or stamped on the back of photographs and in some cases can be researched to reveal the studios operational dates.

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