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"It felt like they were moving the goalposts," Prevost said."Every time that they asked for something different I complied." Her grant was recently denied based on a rule that didn't exist when she lost the weight.

The Weight Loss Grants Organization told Go Public Prevost won't be getting her grant because she recorded her final weight five months early instead of on the exact deadline date.

When he started asking questions, he was told his grant was subject to an audit.

Go Public has been flooded with messages from some who say when it came time to deliver, the so-called Weight Loss Grants Program wouldn't pay out, or dragged customer claims out for months before cutting a cheque.

During our investigation, we heard from dozens of dissatisfied customers unhappy with the program run by a private, for-profit company.

Go Public found the two companies shared an address for years and have a senior manager who works for both companies.

In emails and letters to clients, George Scodras refers to himself as the director of operations of Dalewood and of the Weight Loss Grants Program.

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That number can't be verified, but Go Public did speak with other former customers who say they got their full grants after using Dalewood.

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