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You can casually mention how you could hear your dad snoring when you were young and it was comforting.Don’’t say this if in reality, you can’’t stand snoring. The most important thing is to make sure you’re ready for this big step in your new relationship.

If that’’s true, then it really has nothing to do with you or your living situation.

He said it’s a matter of habits and he didn’t want to start that yet.

He said that’s what he had to say on it but if I wanted to talk about it more, I should bring it up. To him, a sleepover might be the final step to commitment. He might even snore terribly and is really self-conscious about it. For most people who can fall asleep normally and sleep through the night with no problems, this situation might seem ridiculous.

You can also mention that you have one of those White Noise Machines that help you sleep and drown out snoring…Who knows?

It could even be an embarrassing bodily function issue (like passing gas while sleeping or something worse ? He actually could be saving you from an uncomfortable situation. This is the hardest one to overcome since the other two possibilities are only about comfort and time.

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