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Also while on the whole the Turkish people are very kind and friendly you might experience some cultural stereotyping.As a westerner you could be perceived to be many different things depending who you meet or where you go.Well although there are many rules to any countries dating scene that are the same or at least similar, every country and culture as its differences.Not to mention everyone is different, some people might expect the man to pay for dinner while some will prefer to pay for their own meal.You could be perceived to be promiscuous or even incredibly wealthy to stall holders and merchants.

You could also go for the Turkey only sites like and, these sites are available in English and Turkish and even some other languages so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.However it’s always the nightmare dates we hear about isn’t it?Despite its not so great reputation many expats new to Turkey should consider giving online dating a try.Starting the Dating Game So yeah this “guide” wasn’t much help was it?But like I said there’s no real guide to any countries dating scene.

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