Dating violence prevention in schools

The study evaluated “Ending Violence,” a three-class-session prevention program.

The evaluation found that the intervention had modest but significant effects in three areas: student knowledge, attitudes about female-on-male violence, and attitudes about seeking help (see the table).The sessions also explored attitudes about giving help to peers involved in dating violence.The focus groups underscored teens’ propensity to turn to peers for help rather than to formal, institutional sources.The intervention improved teens’ perceptions of police, lawyers, teachers, and school nurses as helpful, but the intervention improved their likelihood of seeking help only with respect to lawyers.To explore student views of help-seeking behavior in greater depth, the research team conducted focus groups following the intervention.

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Specifically, A striking finding emerged from baseline surveys: Although students viewed various institutional sources of support as helpful, they would be far more likely to turn to informal sources, such as friends, parents, or family members, for help should they ever experience dating violence.

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