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[Read: The real reason why men are so crazy about small boobs and all kinds of boobs] To keep your style polished, you can wear shirts and dresses without straps.

Imagine pulling off a fierce outfit and thinking to yourself, “Oh my God, why do I have to put on these ugly see-thru straps? #7 Small breasts are an armor from awkward conversations.

#13 You can spoon your boyfriend without their majesty in between.

In the modern times of progressive gender equality, gender roles are more flexible within a relationship. You should be happy you never picked up your baggage from the genetic terminal.

[Read: 15 super simple ways to keep yourself sexy at any age] #12 They are not susceptible to stria.

When you gain a few pounds, your tissue instantly updates a new aesthetic feature – stria.

[Read: 11 fun and fascinating facts about breasts] #15 There are numerous other perks to having little breasts! No matter if she has a big ass, a big nose, a small waist, or small boobs, a woman is a magical creature, so be proud of your womanly figure, whatever size or shape it may be!

[Read: 8 easy ways to love your body no matter its size] Now that you’ve realized there are a lot of aesthetic, personal, physical, social, and pragmatic benefits from having small breasts, go ahead and gratify yourself with a daily mental reminder: Being flat is flattering.

After all, there are no small breasts, only hands too big.

You have to step up your game and own your body, piece by piece. You don’t have to worry about your boob not listening to your body language, shaking like jelly, or peeking out of your bra. On the other hand, bias towards women with large size breasts is saturated with stereotypes about their past, their sexual preferences, and promiscuity.

[Read: Boob talk – yes, your breasts are perfectly normal! When revealed, small breasts look like cherries, and who doesn’t love a cherry on top? The effect of big breasts might be favorable in a job interview, but if you would go on a first date and the guy connected only with your two gals, it would certainly be annoying. Bonus points: construction workers won’t whistle at you on the street!

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