Definition of thermoluminescence dating

This paleodose is determined from the TL signal measured by heating sample at a constant rate.

The accuracy of the linearity in heating sample is crucial to have a precise measure.

In many countries a National Metrology Institute will exist which will maintain primary standards of measurement which will be used to provide traceability to customers instruments by calibration.

This may be done by national standards laboratories operated by the government or by private firms offering metrology services, quality management systems call for an effective metrology system which includes formal, periodic, and documented calibration of all measuring instruments.

Many schools and businesses employ safety, health, and environmental specialists, such as a Chemical Hygiene Officer to develop, manage, and evaluate their CHP.

Early instances of laboratories recorded in English involved alchemy and the preparation of medicines, larger or more sophisticated equipment is generally called a scientific instrument.

Because this accumulation of trapped electrons begins with the formation of the crystal structure, thermoluminescence can date crystalline materials to their date of formation; for ceramics, this is the moment they are fired.

The major source of error in establishing dates from thermoluminescence is a consequence of inaccurate measurements of the radiation acting on a specimen.

Heating the substance at temperatures of about 450° C (842° F) and higher enables the trapped electrons to return to their normal positions, resulting in the release of energy.

The intensity of the emission can be correlated to the length of time that a given substance was exposed to radiation; the longer the time allowed for the radiation to build up an inventory of trapped electrons, the greater the energy released.

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In many labs, though, hazards are present, in laboratories where dangerous conditions might exist, safety precautions are important.

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