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I lied, had fake relationships, and stressed my masculinity so that I could be considered normal and not have to deal with the ridicule and judgment of society.In the black community, when oppressions develop in society, black people have a history of finding a haven within the church.In middle school I decided early that it was best to suppress the thought and feelings I had for other men.

One thing I can take hope in is that things are getting better.

We can call him a coward, but the truth still remains, if people come out of the closet, they will have to face more hardships in life.

I decided to come out because I refuse to go through life under the oppression of anyone else’s opinions.

However, there is still a paradigm that consistently leaves remnants of ideas that root from our “countries dream” which causes any young boy (or girl) to not want to be labeled as “deviant.” Things like growing up and having a wife and kids are programmed into the minds of individuals from the time of their birth.

If you are apart of any lifestyle that deviates from what is considered normal, acceptable, or the status quo you will be ostracized and many have even been brutally gay bashed.(Read about Matthew Shepard) People don’t decide to be DL once they reach adulthood. When I was a young boy in middle school discovering how much discrimination existed towards black people in the past, I did not want to be discriminated against for two things that I could not control—Being Black and Gay.

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