Error while validating rdl content

But when you try to import it in prod, you receive the following error during the dependency check: At first glance, it may seem daunting to fix a laundry list of dependency errors for a successful import.

However, when we take a closer look at the “Managed Solution” column, we see that all the error rows indicate either Power Email or Power Survey Plus.

For example, let’s say you have two environments: development (dev) and production (prod).

You create a solution in dev called “Email,” add the email entity, and export it.

Hi, From your information, I notice that you have solved the issue, below is your solution: Resolved: Need to set "" on Row Group, not Column.

Well, thinking about it, it's the Row I want too pin, not the column, so yes, Row Group.

Please be advised that only one validation group may be defined per object at a time.

Some of the other changes I made included building the folder structure as it is on the SSRS server and only saving the files. NET VS2010 SQLSVR 2008 I have a report (rdlc) file with a table and I specify in the tablix properties: Repeat header columns on each page. Reports is hosted in a reportviewer on an ASPX page.I tried the keep header visible while scrolling and that also does not work.Since this is rendered in HTML, I could see how the scrolling may not be an option, but the " Repeat header columns on each page" option should work. EDIT: I found this, which looked very promising, but did not work.when I set the "" I then get a compile error saying they must all be false. Error 1 The tablix 'Tablix1' has an invalid Tablix Member.

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