Evan peters and ashley rickards dating

In the Halloween episode titled 'Devil's Night,' we learn a little more about Ms.Evers' tragic backstory as it parallels a real and terrifying crime that took place in the 1920s. Evers' son was taken on Halloween night and his remains were never recovered. Violet research the Internet and finds that 1984, a shooter killed several students at the Westfield High and then was killed by the SWAT at home.

Everyone has their own favorite season, cast member and storyline. There's been as much off-screen drama as there has been in front of the camera.

before starring together in the show's third season.

Not only has this couple been as off and on as a clap-activated lamp, but Roberts was arrested in 2013 after a confrontation with Evans in a Vancouver hotel.

Holmes would gas them in their rooms before sending their corpses down to the basement.

Once there, he would remove their organs and bones, which he would then sell for medical purposes.

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