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Benjamin Ritter, founder of Live for Yourself Consulting and The Breakup Supplement, tells Elite Daily.

You may get flashbacks of the good times and wonder why it didn't work out.

It's awkward and uncomfortable and weird, and that's OK! "Thoughts about the relationship, thoughts about where you are at right now," he says.

I will also help you prepare for all the challenges you will likely face as you are trying to get her back. Don’t skip to a different section because you might miss an important detail.

You expect that your expect is supposed to wait a respectable amount of time to salve your feelings before diving into another realtionship.

In other words you are making this all about you, and your inability to let go, or not allowing him to let go.

And while you can't control where, when, or how you run into them, you can control how you react and the vibe you put out.

What do you do when the love of your life breaks up with you and moves on?

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