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And that sensibility feeds into their aesthetic – a kind of rebellious but not adolescent rock cool, a commitment to having fun no matter what, on and off the stage.“Turning thirty is the bomb,” Haines exclaimed as we talked about aging in rock while staying young. “Yeah, I do,” she snapped, the angular planes of her lineless face suddenly sharper and more pronounced as she stared me down.During the break, Haines went on an extended vacation in Argentina and made guest appearances on albums by the Stills and Jason Collett, in addition to releasing two records with her solo project Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton.Scott-Key and Winstead moved to Oakland, California, and formed the band Bang Lime.Around this time, Haines and Shaw met drummer Joules Scott-Key, a Michigan native who'd relocated to Brooklyn after attending a music school in Texas.

“You’re blushing,” she said laughing, then snapped her fingers and her husband, an insanely affable and dapper South American artist and musician Haines met on an airplane, appeared with a bottle of champagne, offering refills.

On , July Talk’s second album, human connection becomes a full-contact sport: Peter Dreimanis and fellow guitarist Ian Docherty power songs like “Ask You” and “Johnny Mary” (not a cover of the namesake Robert Palmer classic) with punked-up aggression, while the glam-rock stomp of “Beck Call” (featuring guest growls from throat-singing phenom Tanya Tagaq) showcases the wrecking-ball swing of bassist Josh Warburton and drummer Danny Miles.

Metric are a band with an eclectic, adventurous outlook, whose music encompasses elements of synth pop, new wave, dance-rock, and electronica and whose hometown has vacillated between Toronto, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, and London over the course of the group's existence.

As the primal elegance of dreamy sonic vignette “Dreams So Real” came on, Haines, who is model-thin and aggressively beautiful in a filmy white T-shirt, piles of assorted necklaces, and skinny jeans, holds up her hand, interrupting herself to announce, “This is my jam.” They are all her jams.

One of the things that’s most charming about Metric is that they’ve fought for their fame, having battled indifference and label melodrama and the odd bout of tepid critical response, and come out on top.

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