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The tape was bought up by the trusty Vivid Entertainment and Steve Hirsch, and Kim made a hefty sum of money from it – even though she denied knowing about it at first.

The film is over an hour long, and show’s Kim in the most intimate ways possible.

Michelle and Ryan Lochte haven’t been dating since last year, that’s the last time the two were even pictured together.

Here’s the quote taken from Ryan Lochte’s mother on his relationship status: And for the picture of the two together that we have posted above (the one MTO says was taken this year), that’s another lie.

The picture was actually take in 2011 during the All Star Weekend.

WIlliams was not bashful in saying it like she meant it when she asked the Memphis native about her dating life and shockingly, her sex life, asking the singer if she was "sexually fluent." "What that mean Wendy," the reality star asked of the talk show host after being caught off guard by the question.

Williams inquired about her relationship with castmate Jocelyn Hernandez, as K has made her return to the Atlanta based new season because they offered her a lot of money, and she will only be filming scenes with the "Puerto Rican princess." The two have been spotted sharing intimate moments with one another so when asked directly, "do you like a little girl on girl action," the singer responded.

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Michelle are not two people we ever expected we'd be posting dating rumors about, but here you go, with the supposed evidence: Lochte is a hip-hop fan who rocks that sick grill, so it's not Are they actually dating? Ryan may have a long way to go to match Michael Phelps' career medal haul, but he's right on his tail in terms of celebrity gossip attention.

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