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It should be mentioned that the rigidity of such ethnic categories dates back to colonization.

In other words, the classification of local populations into neatly defined ethnic groups is the product of the interaction and misunderstandings between locals and colonial administrators as well as some ethnographers.

Various factors have contributed to the spread of the Bamana language in Mali.

The national organization in charge of promoting applied linguistic research, literacy, and education in national languages is the Direction nationale de l'alphabetisation fonctionnelle et de la linguistique appliquée (DNAFLA); created in 1975, it also enforced Bamana as a national language.Nevertheless, this policy of decentralization, however negotiated at the local level, has begun to dramatically transform local geographies of power. Mali is 478,764 square miles (1,241,278 square kilometers).It is a land-locked country approximately twice the size of Texas. Malian national culture can be best defined as a project that was developed with different emphasis and credibility by the governments that led Mali (formerly French Sudan) in the postindependence period (1960 to the present). As in most post-colonial nations, the territorial and administrative boundaries established by the colonial power, in this case France, remained essentially unchanged long after independence.Westernized Malian politicians and intellectuals reappropriated modern colonial institutions and adapted them to their reinterpretation of local aims and aspirations.

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Yet this process of cultural syncretism has not been homogeneous.

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