Married but still dating

But if you’re providing your domestic partner with health care benefits, the portion applying to them could be taxable to you.In other words, if John covers Jane as a domestic partner under his employer-sponsored health plan, John could be taxed by Uncle Sam for any benefits extended to Jane. Federal tax law specifically excludes employee benefits received by spouses from taxation, but Uncle Sam doesn’t recognize domestic partners.Because she makes more than John, Jane proceeds to make the monthly mortgage payments.Is Jane then entitled to any of the equity she’s creating by paying down John’s mortgage? Absent a legal document to the contrary, it’s John’s house and his equity.

If one partner has a medical emergency, absent paper to the contrary, the other has no legal right to be given information or to make decisions about care.

The solution to this problem is for each to name the other in an advance health care directive, which allows each of you to legally make decisions if the other is incapacitated.

It also allows hospitals to share information usually reserved for spouses. Your hospital or county health department can give you the form, or you can download one online.

This could be a great move, but be aware of potential problems.

Keep in mind what I said above: The house belongs to the person whose name appears on the legally recorded deed.

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According to, these couples must: Keep in mind that the burden of proving you’re a common-law married couple will fall to you — it’s not automatic. Share with us in comments or on the Money Talks News Facebook page.

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