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The family take some time off work and can be seen at various events including big sports events in the state.

According to various sources, he is single and has never married.

Other theorists believe that the Knights Templar relocated numerous artifacts there, while some say that the lost treasures of the Aztec Empire is buried within.

The show has run for a total of six seasons and was briefly renamed “The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down” in 2016.https://

They also feature independent researchers who discuss theories such as North African gold, and an old French map of the island that could detail potential treasure sites.

There were secret projects surrounding the island that involved Shakespeare too, and a project that involved Sir Francis Bacon and Rosicrucians.

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The show which would be called “The Curse of Oak Island” follows the two as they make efforts to find what could possibly be hidden in Oak Island.

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