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There are photos of the Obama wedding, but none of a pregnant Michelle or holding her own babies: “We have seen pictures of Barack and Michelle dating back far BEFORE they had children, like shots from their wedding, but when it comes to what would have been Michelle’s child-bearing years, there is absolutely nothing.” It would seem that Michelle had close family friend Dr.Anita Blanchard at the University of Chicago Medical Center perform the deliveries of both babies – “though no record of those deliveries exists.” Sinclair also alleges that Barack had a homosexual lover named Donald Young who was murdered “assassination-style” – so he could not reveal what he knows about Barack’s sexual preference? Social norms allow a man to touch his junk – through his clothes, of course – from time to time. Other analysts like Wake Up to the Truth present photographs showing Michelle grabbing or scratching her crotch in public. On the other hand, watch any adult baseball game and you might see this behavior more than once.It’s prompted separate films about his time at Columbia and first date with eventual First Lady, Michelle Obama.And there was the inevitable post-White House news that the pair landed a million dollar book deal with Penguin Random House.

She said “not yet”; her mother thought Obama, two years Jager’s junior, was too young.Eventually, though, their communication dwindled to the occasional letter, especially as Obama's political ambitions and family life began to build. The scouring of the former president’s life and legacy seems to be a welcome topic for writers and biographers (and readers) as President Trump tries his best to wipe clear the legislative legacy of his predecessor.The Obama family, whose post-White House life adventures—yacht trips with Oprah and Tom Hanks included—continue to hold a fascination for a certain segment of the population for whom looking back is far more comforting than looking at the present. However, Medium wonders “whether this was in-fact pre-meditated murder by top brass within the US Government ordered by Obama.” One year after her mother’s untimely death, daughter Melissa Rivers filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit charging medical malpractice. The official story was that she died from a lack of oxygen.

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But, she said, a year later, Obama’s own ambitions changed.“I remember very clearly when this transformation happened, and I remember very specifically that by 1987, about a year into our relationship, he already had his sights on becoming president,” Jager told Garrow.

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