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It’s a huge expense if you’re going to be travelling in Japan on a budget, but I think it’s a cultural experience that’s worth splurging for.On our first day in Japan, Dave tweeted: “If you think you’re a competent traveller and would like to be very humbled, can I suggest trying to figure out the Tokyo metro?What we should have done, however, was buy a SUICA card, rather than bothering with single tickets.It’s a rechargeable travel card that’s valid on all of the metro and train lines across Japan, and it would have saved us a hell of a lot of time, confusion, and hassle.

I can’t even comprehend that many people passing through a single building, let alone every day!

When you throw a hefty case of jetlag into the mix, visitors often end up feeling as though they’re walking around in a bubble, unable to process what on earth is going on. I’ve been to 80-odd countries and I’ve never experienced it to the extent that I did here. Whether it was the pork rib ramen in Osaka, the crispy takoyaki in Tokyo, or the fresh as hell sushi in Kyoto, I couldn’t get enough of the food in Japan.

But the good news is that the sensory overload doesn’t last for long. There was plenty of interesting foods to try for the first time, like pufferfish jerky and pickled quail eggs, and experiencing my first (a traditional multi-course Japanese meal) was one of the highlights of my entire trip.

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