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With its team of expert consultants from around the world, Oakridge Auction Gallery offers distinctive, unique, and beautiful items to selective museums and discerning collectors.

Lot: 1 - CHINESE WHITE JADE PLAQUE WITH LI YU, 18TH CENTURY A Chinese rectangular white jade plaque dating from the 18th century.

She went to Loyola Marymount and got a degree in Art Therapy.

So I spewed this out for a quick grade, not really caring much for the assignment, but would show some compositing skills.

Oakridge Auction Gallery brings buyers and sellers of fine, rare and valuable works of art, jewelry, antiques, and collectibles together in a global marketplace.

Whether it is conducting live auctions at its traditional Northern Virginia auction house, in the Washington DC Metropolitan area or conducting online auctions through its modern virtual gallery, Oakridge Auction Gallery provides extraordinary service to both buyers and sellers alike.

Especially with black communities following me from place to place trying to kill me over.

for about 9 years and Frontier Spinning for 10 years.She would always try to get me to paint, and sculpt.But it turns out that my mother had other intentions for art.The idea behind this quick piece was just in regards to entertainment and media, With a caption I think about media and violance.But obviously wasn’t making some kind of world wide statement.

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Of course little did I know what they were doing, and their motives to remove me from society.

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