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But it’s also true that many men would be more willing to share their thoughts if they knew doing so wouldn’t prompt a nuclear explosion.Now’s your chance: Men, take a moment to add your own “What’s he really thinking? And ladies, tell your fellow readers what else you think might be lurking in the minds of men.That may be true for some men, but emphatically not true for most.The fact is, our society encourages men to suppress their feelings, holding up as the role model for manhood the strong, silent type.A recent study chronicled in USA Today ran with the headline, “Not so afraid to commit after all.” The lead paragraph read, “Men are more likely than women to prefer marriage over lifelong singlehood and in many ways are as interested in serious family relationships as women, according to a new study.” In the survey—which included 12,000 men and women ages 15-44—respondents were asked, “It is better to get married than go through life single?” The results: 66 percent of men agreed compared with 51 percent of women.It’s a vexing issue that has plagued humankind–or at least womankind–for millennia: What really goes on in the mind of a man? These questions probably first came up in the Garden of Eden, when Adam blamed Eve for eating the apple and getting them evicted from Paradise. While it would take volumes to cover everything men want to tell women, here are six of the most prevalent things: “I am not afraid of commitment—I just need to be very, very sure.” It turns out that all this business about men being commitment-phobic is mostly myth. And women have been asking the same question ever since.

No one wants to go back to chaperones, the strict dating rules and etiquette of yesteryear, but have we gone too far the other way and made dating such a casual thing that it has lost some of the special romantic qualities, that going on a date used to have.Here are ten things about old fashioned dating, which might make think that modern girls are missing out: 1.Being picked up from your door for a date The old school gentleman would always go to a girl’s door to take her on a date.“I want to be able to discuss my desires, concerns, and opinions without fearing an emotional reaction of hurricane proportions.” Men have lots of things they would like to say to their partner, but they often hesitate and hold back. You may have noticed that most women are quite emotive, and many react strongly to perceived criticism—even if the man in her life does not intend it as criticism.It’s true that some men could use a lesson in tact and discernment when conveying their opinions on sensitive issues.

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