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It’s a great way to spend the afternoon as you’ll both have a focus so you won’t fall short on conversation.

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This blows your standard cinema date out of the water because you’ll be able to get to know each other and chat without being hushed by your neighbouring viewers!Learn about and see up close and personal some of the oceans famous faces; sharks, seals and sea lions and the vibrant colours of the tropical reef will mean conversation will always be interesting.You can swoon at your favourite underwater friends and attend talks, shows and encounters to make your date even more memorable!A city like this speaks for itself, you can find everything you’re looking and even more. Cooking is a highly desired attribute and cooking together with make for a sizzling date.Enjoy a range of activities depending on your mood, budget and interests. At The Biltmore you and your partner can choose which cuisine you would like to try out, this means you can keep coming along for future dates and build your repertoire of recipes!

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There are loads of bikes and a hundred stations which means you can stop off whenever you see fit, and with the huge variety of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants that Miami offers we think a few stop offs could be on the cards!

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