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But if she, in any way, senses that she is merely another conquest or notch on your belt, or that you exhibit any sexual neediness, she will take flight immediately.

3) The Hopeful Romantic (i Nvestor – Denier – Idealist) Personality Profile Overview The Hopeful Romantic is somewhat old fashioned.

The challenge here is learning how to separate yourself from these guys because The Friend Zone also translates to the “No Sex Zone”.

We are of the belief that, to be a true friend with the Playette actually becomes a catalyst for sex, so if this base desire is your ultimate goal, you’ll want to read on for more information about the Playette and seven additional types of women you’re likely to meet in life.

Getting acquainted with a Playette is like seeing your first glacier because, like this massive iceberg, the Playette reveals only a small part of her personality upon first meeting; however, there is much, much more to a Playette than meets the eye!

If you should choose to invest the time and effort to get better acquainted and earn her trust, you may discover how much more to the Playette there is—just like the mass of a glacier lives beneath the water’s surface.

This is something you should consider well before becoming involved with the Hopeful Romantic, because it can be daunting to tell such a sentimental and feminine woman that you have no inclination to settle down or stop playing the field.

This means the Social Butterfly embraces a more- aggressive approach on your part, as long as she doesn’t get the feeling that sex with her is merely another trophy for you.

The more casual, fun, pressure-free interaction you can keep going, it is possible the Social Butterfly may light on you, and sex is an almost certain outcome once you are alone.

But, if you are timid, sexually, or appear dishonest about liking her as a person first, she will cut her losses and leave you fast because the Cinderella needs passion and hope for her future.

5) The Private Dancer (Tester – Denier – Realist) Personality Profile Overview Private Dancers have two sides to their personalities: There’s a mysterious-yet-innocent exterior and the passionate, sensitive interior.

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