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The headdress indicates one’s married status and is made with glass fiber dyed with red ochre.

It is still worn today on special occasions to symbolize a woman’s maturity.

Then, larger plugs are introduced slowly to stretch the lip.If the death was a particular wrongful or violent death (as in the case of N’Jobu—father to Erik Killmonger), they roam the earth until retribution has occurred.And as we observe, once Killmonger drinks the special potion he is reunited with his father still roaming the streets of Oakland.Himba People: In Black Panther, there is a woman who sits on the Wakanda’s council (I don’t think there is a name for it so I am calling it as it fits) with a distinctively red tone to her skin and hair.Himba people, located in Namibia, are most known for its red ochre cream.

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Historically, it has been said that they were against human traffic so much so that those looking for people to enslave avoided them.

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