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Kurt responded to this catastrophic loss by doing what he did best: excelling at athletics.He had an amazing football performance the same week his father passed.He's won world championships in WWE, TNA, and Japan, and has proven himself to the point where he's earned perhaps the greatest honor an old wrestler can receive: a non-physical TV role as a general manager.This way, he can soak in the fans' adulation without worrying about suffering another broken freakin' neck and possibly never moving again.Angle has been charged with driving with a suspended license (stemming from his refusal to take a breathalyzer test during his DUI arrest last year, which is an automatic suspension), illegal possession of the HGH), breaking an order of protection and harassment.Media outlets in Pittsburgh are already picking up on the story.He claimed he had a valid prescription for the HGH.

Khan (also reportedly formerly Black Barbie, Panther Claw, and Trenesha) now uses the following signature moves – axe kick, big boot, corner foot choke, roundhouse kick and spinning heel kick.

Everything Kurt Angle has accomplished in both his career and life, he's had to do without his father.

This was nobody's fault, except whatever spirit is in charge of setting up freak fatal accidents. He was a crane operator, one who worked hard at supporting his kids' dreams.

Even with his skull cracked, David Angle walked himself to the hospital.

His gumption, however, couldn't save him from slipping into a coma, and he died two days later.

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