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By the time he suddenly passed away, in 1997, I had become fairly comfortable with my role in the Sikh culture and religion.Today, when I visit our local Sikh religious center (called in the language a “gur-dwa-ra”) with my wife’s extended family, and sit quietly with the other men in devotion, I am comfortable in the surroundings.

Also, it didn’t harm things that Kamla’s dad had gone to see the film Fiddler on the Roof and had wept with Tevye over fears for the future of his daughters.

Back then there were no guidebooks, no teachers, certainly no online Interfaith websites and definitely no one else around who had walked down this particular path and could give us some advice. No, but having lasted this many years as a married couple, we hope that perhaps we can share some of what we have experienced and possibly make things easier for others.

What makes our story particularly unusual is that while one of us is from “the West,” and one of us from “the East,” somehow we have been able to reconcile those differences, particularly as they relate to religion.

Sometimes we find it difficult to explain to others what makes our individual backgrounds different, especially religiously, what we brought to our marriage that is actually similar and how it has all worked out.

One of the biggest differences between the cultures in which we were raised is the matter of personal choice and freedom.

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In the “old country,” someone, usually the older members of the family, decided who the younger members of the family would marry, leaving the narrowest margin of choice to the children themselves.

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