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The IQ server may return results in any combination of lowercase and uppercase, so you cannot expect case sensitive results in a database that is case insensitive (CASE IGNORE).

If the FROM clause specifies a one-to-many join and the SET clause references a cell from the “many” side of the join, the cell is updated from the first value selected.

Concrete directions of some sort (called the parenesis) often sat sandwiched between the main body of the text and the closing.

Paul largely stuck to this convention when writing his letters, but he included modifications that underscored his Christian commitments.

Paul suggests here that when we serve God with our spiritual gifts, we are following Him well.

1 Corinthians 1:4–9 Thanksgiving: Gratitude for the Way Christ Enriches Lives Today in the Word A 2011 survey by the United States Postal Service indicated that the typical American home receives a personal letter—not including greeting cards or invitations—once every seven weeks.

Apply the Word Faithfulness is a characteristic that pleases God.

Or use this as an opportunity to testify about what God is doing in your life.1 Corinthians 1:1-9 Today in the Word In October 2009, a spate of articles in publications like the New York Times and The New Republic as well as on numerous parenting blogs all debated the same question: Is shouting the “new” spanking?

In fact, his tone is confident and expectant, because his hope for the Corinthians is rooted firmly in the unwavering faithfulness of God.

In other words, if the join condition causes multiple rows of the table to be updated per row ID, the first row returned becomes the update result.

There are two ways to modify a table using information contained in other tables in the database: using sub-selects, or specifying additional tables in the you should ensure that the join produces at most one output row for each row to be modified.

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Despite all their problems, Paul knows that in the end, they will be declared blameless on the day of Jesus’ return.

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