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If the game allows leaning control, then some consider it a sixth Do F; however, this may not be completely accurate, as a lean is a limited partial rotation.The term 6Do F has sometimes been used to describe games which allow freedom of movement, but do not necessarily meet the full 6Do F criteria.Robot arms are described by their degrees of freedom.

The data is made relevant through software that integrates the data based on the needs and programming of the users.

This is a practical metric, in contrast to the abstract definition of degrees of freedom which measures the aggregate positioning capability of a system.

The term is important in mechanical systems, especially biomechanical systems for analyzing and measuring properties of these types of systems that need to account for all six degrees of freedom.

(Reverse thrust on an aircraft) 3- Non-direct type : Involved a degree when is achieved via the interaction with its environment and cannot be commanded.

(Pitching motion of a vessel at sea) Transitional type also exists in some vehicles.

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