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Every minute a person isn’t on the gaming floor is, well, another minute they’re not on the gaming floor.

The logic behind that should be beyond self-evident even to the most Sarah Palin of people.

I can feel it infesting my pores and laying cancerous eggs. With a goodnight wave I leave the stage; better to leave them wanting more than giving too much.

In the back of my mind is the niggling little fact that many casinos don’t like shows to run long.

Plumes of blue-gray cigarette smoke have been exhaled forth all evening, and over the course of the previous hour I’ve bathed in it. You never know who’ll be in the audience.” Those words are sounding inside me as I stare uncomfortably at the doe-eyed woman I have been conversing with.A petite 5-foot-nothing, she is charmingly pretty, and starting to tear up as she struggles to express herself.That person knew what he was doing, because a healthy throng of people migrates directly from the theater to the bar, and as the first comic goes up its standing room only.The crowd is large; they are drinking, relaxing, and most importantly, laughing. ◊♦◊ When I hit my contracted time I’m tempted to linger and extend the show.

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