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When Paul first joined the WWE he was welcomed by Vince Mc Mahon wanting to name him Reginald Du Pont Helmsley, a comical name that did not have Levesque laughing very much at the time.But Levesque fought back against Vince’s wishes, and thus, Hunter Hearst Helmsley was born.Unfortunately for Chyna, the duo eventually broke up on screen and Triple H was paired with Stephanie Mc Mahon, and that fake relationship gradually turned into a real relationship that left Chyna in the dust.It’s unclear exactly how much sneaking around Chyna’s back there was versus Triple H flat-out admitting to her things were over and it was time to move on, but what is certain is that Triple H left Chyna for Stephanie, and things were never the same for any of them ever again.It’s not uncommon for actors and actresses working together in close quarters to develop actual feelings for each other, especially if some inkling of similarity already exists between them, and that’s exactly what happened between Triple H and Stephanie.

as the blueblood Hunter Hearst Helmsley, not terribly far removed from the aristocratic character he had been portraying in WCW the year prior.Before Triple H went on to marry Stephanie Mc Mahon for real in 2003 the company set up a story line where HHH and Stephanie had a fake on-screen marriage.This faction had Stephanie faking a pregnancy when the fake marriage was faltering in order to get him back on her side.It wasn’t long before he asked her out for real and she said yes, starting the relationship that rules the wrestling world to this day.The entertainment industry can occasionally be a pretty shady place, and professional wrestling might be one of its darkest and most questionable corners.

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