Ubuntu df not updating

To partition your USB Stick we will use the command fdisk so run the following command to start the process (replacing /dev/sda with your device path): Without getting in depth about how to use fdisk (which is outside the scope of this document) here is how you can partition your USB by deleting any existing partitions and creating one new partition.

Partitioning your USB Stick is a fairly simple task and only requires a few short steps.It would also be possible to keep the image on a local hard-drive or any device the CD can see attached to the computer. The main usefulness would seem to be from using a Usb-stick.Note that programs and packages may take up a high percentage of the valuable space so it might be worth considering creating a Customised CD or Remix every once in a while, updating with packages you have installed in the persistent image since making the last Remix.Reboot back into your regularly installed system, plug in your USB Stick and just have a look around.The contents of your USB Stick is what makes your custom environment your own.

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At the end of this argument list just add a space and add the word “persistent”. Users Groups, then press the "Add User" button) for it to save your settings; it does not appear to save most changes to the default user, "ubuntu".

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