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In recent years, there has been a proliferation of independent content creators online who through social media, blogs, independent news sites, and podcasts have bridged a gap between traditional media formats and Ugandan digital media consumers.

These platforms have also contributed significantly to traditional media platforms by increasing journalists’ proximity to the source of news stories and plugging them into issues and conversations of interest to the public, as highlighted by social media.

• Internet penetration in Uganda dropped from 47 percent to 35 percent in the first three months after social media tax introduction.

Rather than taxing the profitable foreign-based social media platforms or even local digital media publishers, a decision was made to tax individual users.The Ugandan case is just the latest example of how governments are trying to assert more influence over social media platforms and the circulation of news.Indeed, right now a handful of other countries in sub-Saharan Africa are also considering enacting similar social media taxes on their citizens.Five years later, the election in 2016 revealed that the state was willing to go even further in terms of curtailing access to content online.Even though this election was the first in which both the incumbent, Museveni, and opposition leaders aggressively used social media to appeal to younger voters as part of their electioneering campaigns, the state ordered two social media shutdowns in the space of three months to reportedly maintain public order and protect national security.

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Moreover, as journalists have started to rely on social networks for reporting, sourcing stories, and engaging with audiences, the implications are broader than just distributing news content.

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