Updating blackberry 8100

I have tried to brick various Black Berry devices (reset, remove battery and disconnect cable connection during firmware installation process) and I never suceeded in doing so.I was always able to recover the devices even when they only had a flashing red LED and wouldn't boot up anymore.From my Blackberry browser I followed the posted Over-The-Air links to download the Vodafone and Vodafone Today themes (you need them both for the Today theme to work). With nice regards and greetings from Düsseldorf Guy Papstein I followed your instructions and I bricked my blackberry. I renamed the file and removed all of the _vendorid tags in the file. It may easily take 15 minutes to load after the flash.The email address you left when writing the comment seems to be missing a character.It seems the new Black Berry Curve 8520 is missing from the list above.

Been wondering if the Black Berry Smartphone you already own will be getting the OS 5.0 update everybody keeps talking about?

Isn't it funny, that we tried hard to remove carrier branding from our phones just last year, and that this year, Vodafone has come up with branding that you actually want?

I've updated probably 40 different Black Berry devices - some of them multiple times through various release levels. I think only once or twice it failed on the restore.

Toasting a new firmware on a mobile phone always make me nervous.

Will the upgrade succeed or will I brick the device, rendering it an expensive paper weight?

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