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"' WHERE Cat ID=5; "; echo $qry; mysql_query($qry); mysql_close($con); UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = 'Item 1' WHERE Cat ID=1; UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = 'Item 2' WHERE Cat ID=2; UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = 'Item 3' WHERE Cat ID=3; UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = 'Item 4' WHERE Cat ID=4; UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = 'Item 5' WHERE Cat ID=5; When I run that in PHPMy Admin, it works properly.

Here is a guide on how to alter your database connection strings. You can edit the majority of the files listed by using your preferred FTP client within the control panel.

*/ define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8'); /** The Database Collate type. */ define('DB_COLLATE', ''); Your details related to the above need to be put in the corresponding fields within the file.

Once you have done this, make sure you save the new database strings within the file and now Word Press should be able to connect to the specified database as long as you have put in the correct details.

This file can be found in the root directory of the domain you have installed it on, unless you have relocated it.

In order to edit the database connection strings for Joomla, simply open the file using your favoured FTP connection method.

Joomla uses the file to store the database connection strings.$Category1 = $_POST['textbox Category1'];$Category2 = $_POST['textbox Category2']; $Category3 = $_POST['textbox Category3']; $Category4 = $_POST['textbox Category4']; $Category5 = $_POST['textbox Category5']; $con = mysql_connect("intralook.ca","myusername","mypassword"); if (! $con) mysql_select_db("intralo1_shop", $con); $qry = "UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = '" . Database Password: You should use the password used for the user to access the database here.Database Prefix: The database prefix is similar to a nickname you give the database so you can quickly identify it when required. () Database Host: Depending on which version of SQL you are using, you should be using a variation of either mysql.uk (Sheffield) and dmysql.uk (Derby), or mssql.uk (Sheffield) and dmssql.uk (Derby).

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