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As this change will disrupt many users, c Panel is taking this opportunity to explain the reasons behind their decision in the below URL.c Panel also is opening a dialogue with you, their community, about their next steps.https://blog.cpanel.com/the-death-of-squirrelmail/Please note that we are now about to switch to c Panel version 70 in the stable tree (which will be introduced around Q2 2018 to the stable repository), it is however important that users which are currently using squirrelmail will need to start looking at an alternative.c Panel keeps supporting Horde and Roundcube for now.A list of plugins is available at the end of this email. ENVIRONMENT DESCRIPTION: Platform: Debian sarge Web: apache 1.3.33 and apache-ssl 1.3.33 Mail: postfix, postfix-tls 2.1.5 IMAP: cyrus 2.1.18 E-mail usernames and passwords are stored in a mysql db. Its functionality is ok, but the web user interface is rather unintuitive, and contains several bugs. This is nice because when doing an update, one can remove the plugin directory, extract it, and create the symlink again, without having to worry to overwrite any files. # cp /etc/squirrelmail/*_/etc/squirrelmail-1.4.6/ STEP 1: IDENTIFY NEW PLUGINS I use the plugin updates (pupdate) plugin for this. For squirrelmail 1.4.4, I came up with several patches to make things work the way I wanted them to. I will try to list any custom change that I made, as I had to reproduce it in yesterday's upgrade.

- "calendar" plugin has some bugs that relate to its "holiday" functions.

When I install the plugins in the lastest SM I get this error: Rewrite your code, we now use Is this somsething simple or can it be done? Would be great to have access to Vacation plugin though.1.5.x Tree (current devel) svn checkout

Otherwise I have h Mailserver and Squirrel Mail working on IIS with newest My SQL and PHP perfectly. uirrelmail I am really happy with h Mail's feature set on the new versions.

- Compatibility * install: 2.0.2 * current: 2.0.4 - Java Script Clock * install: 0.6 * current: 0.7 - Unsafe Image Rules * install: 0.7 * current: 0.8 - Virtual Host Login * install: 3.6 * current: 3.8.0-1.2.7 STEP 1b: IDENTIFY NEW PLUGINS FOR WHICH THERE IS NO VERSION INFO - Ask User Info (unchanged) - Delete Move Next (core) - List Commands (core) - Mail Fetch (core) - Message Details (core) - Newmail (core) - To-Do Reminder - Translate (core) NOTES: - "View as HTML" is not shown in the output of the pupdate plugin, maybe due to my settings?

(stable=show, CVS=hide, updated=show, unofficial=show, core=hide, data files=show, location=hide).

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