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When you are preparing your data submission follow the in our Reporting with HEPCAT toolkit to help reduce the errors you receive at any one time and the number of times you need to re-validate your submission.If you find your submission will not move from a status of 'in progress' to 'validated' in HEPCAT there are a couple of important things to check: There are a few requirements to enable a submission to move from a status of 'In Progress' to 'Validated'. Every submission in HEPCAT will require that all validations are selected for the submission to progress to a status of 'Validated'.The second stage of validation occurs as you submit your data to HEIMS.

Detailed explanations of each of the levels are available on the HEPCAT validation levels page.

For example, validations can check that you have correctly coded a student's date of birth and that the date of birth doesn't change between reporting periods.

Validations can also calculate that a student's debt amount aligns with what they paid up front and what they have been charged for a unit of study.

Validations cannot confirm the accuracy of the data you have reported.

For example, validations cannot check that you have reported the correct number of students studying at your institution.

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The purpose of these validations is to alert you to possible inconsistencies in your data but warnings do not stop your data from successfully progressing through the submission process.

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