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I am visualizing not wanting DH to touch me (I'm particular when not feeling great) and the thought of having someone know exactly how to hold my back to make the contraction pains subside sounds amazing.Also thinking to have someone to keep DH calm and fetch him a sandwich (I won't let him leave me)... Some midwives don't seem mum focused because you are doing great or baby needs focus.The fee is slightly higher than average, but you get acupuncture treatment starting at 37wks 1x/wk until you go into labour, then acu during labour if you want it. I know many mommas now who used them just for the acupuncture part. My husband says he found having a doula amazing support.Our labour was 37hrs and in the end I needed a csection, but our doula was allowed in the OR too (yay BC Women's!Sign up for an upcoming singles event in Vancouver or click to read more information.

I knew that I had made the right choice when we met and then it was reinforced when the nurses and doctors seemed genuinely happy that she was with me!!!! My midwives actually encouraged us to get one, because their priority is the health of baby and a doula's priority is your comfort and health.

She let my hubby get some rest during the marathon labour.

Having her tell me I was so strong the entire time was worth it alone.

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Very cute but I'm still thinking having a doula especially since I'm a first time mother and I find this whole labour thing extremely daunting. Cost is a factor and from my initial research it looks like the sky is the limit when it comes to doulas.

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