Vray unhandled exception updating material

Hello, I want to create an animated luminous material. I'll tell you how he tried to solve the situation (sorry picture does not attach to the hierarchy): 1.

Material Mtlwraper (with values ​​Generate GI / Receive GI = 20) 2.

Learn more Discover how V-Ray for Unreal's powerful new features can revolutionize your rendering experience.

Max and vray rearranged, iron is normal, everything was working fine for a year.Plus GPU, viewport and IPR optimizations to help you render faster and more efficiently.Learn more Get the latest V-Ray news, Corona updates and highlights from Chaos’ new real-time ray tracer, Lavina — plus the full scoop on the first edition of Total Chaos talks presented at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles.I already tried to make a procedural material with a checker pattern where each checker color has it's level of refraction giving the light behind to pass threw the texture holes. Made curved Plain outside, created a V-ray Light Mtl , in settings V-ray Light Mtl Put image with the background, but still viewport Plain White In Object settings and V-ray properties all as you have written. In this case, go to the "Gamma and LUT" and resume tick "Affect Color Selectors" and "Affect Material Editor" in the segment of "Materials and the Colors" .The material looks exactly like I want but the vraylight material must have a multiplier of 35 for enough light to pass throught the cloth material object to be realistically visible from a camera sitting at ~10 meters, so I don't think it's a good solution since it has to work(not to be overbright) also when the cloth is not sitting on it. That's all for me personally so really convenient, since I work with V-Ray. That day, racking their brains can not figure out how to do in the interior of a black panel for drawing with crayons as it is done, just a black bar and then "small" painted in Photoshop panel ... please tell me, would love to do about such a result .... I draw a model of packaging material is polyethylene, top with a pattern, a transparent bottom.

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