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Although that may surprise you — like many things on Tinder — yes, they do exist.Tasha Urkow is an actor, writer, poet, public speaker. As a harnessed adrenaline junkie, she perseveres to use her story to enlighten and help others through their struggles.

Then I noticed he was making the same face in all of his pictures: a big, wrinkled frown.

There are many songs through which she has expressed her talent in the industry but some songs such as Push It in 1986, Shoop in 1993, None of Your Business in 1993, He’s Gamin’ on Ya in 1991, have taken her to a very different level.

As accounted through some of the information availed through the media she started her career in the music industry at the age of 16, and actually had to be permitted by her parents to travel around the country.

I told him I broke my neck and he said "Your neck!? I thought it was just your legs." By the way, you don't get to roll around in a ,000 government-funded beast because of broken legs.

I'm not completely innocent in the dating world myself.

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I figured I would try Tinder because, well, it works so well for my mom.

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