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Francis joined the original lineup of Aiden in 2003 as their bassist and replaced Steve Clemens as lead vocalist later that year.

He became the creative force behind Aiden and, for the 2015 final album and tours, was the only member of the original lineup still in the band.

A broken woman, a caring savior helping the broke and shattered soul of the glass like woman, putting her back together with gold like seams.

(Been posted here before, unpublished it awhile ago blah blah blah) (the date is the time I original published it) To Carry on what the town does, to Sin in your blood and taint the waters of the sacred bond of family.

anyways, no wi L is agnostic Dude, no, Wi L is not gay. I'm wi L's sister & i know he's having a kid it's a boy.

He's married--to a GIRL (not Mandy Murders)--and they're expecting a baby.

anyways, no wi L is agnostic Yes, He was married to a woman named Mary but she died in 1583 and later married Elizabeth Sydenham. He first married Mary Newman, but she died twelve years later.

Then, Sir Francis Drake married again to Elizabeth Sydenham.

I'm wi L's sister & i know he's having a kid it's a boy.

The fifth album, Revelations, has been split into 4 EPs: The Pale EP (October 2016), The Black EP (February 2017), and The Red EP (July 2017) and The White EP (November 2017).

Francis also acts as producer to bands such as Fearless Vampire Killers, A Midnight Tragedy and Ashestoangels, as well as producing his own William Control and Aiden music, and formed his own record label, Control Records.

During Aiden's hiatus from 2012 to 2015, Francis' primary musical output was William Control, and he has returned to this project full-time.

He has released two books of poetry (Flowers & Filth (with Lisa Johnson) (2009) and Prose Poems (2011)), and three novels (Revelator Book One: The Neuromancer (2013), Revelator Book Two: The Hate Culture (2014), and Revelator Book Three: The Hell Of Heaven (2016)). In spring 2016 it was revealed that a trilogy of films was to be made from the Revelator books.

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